About Us
St. Paul's is a small-town church in rural Minnesota.
As a member church of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod,
one of the oldest Lutheran denominations in North America,
we base our faith solidly on the living and active word of God
as recorded in the Bible.

We are part of a joint parish with Zion Lutheran Church,
three miles south of Green Isle, so we also share a pastor
and social media pages and partner with them for confirmation,
Vacation Bible School, and other activities.
Who are we?
We are office workers, farmers, retirees, students. We're employed moms and stay-at-home moms. We're single, married, divorced, widowed. Many of us are related to each other by blood or marriage, but we're all brothers and sisters in God's family! 
Where did we come from?
As a church, we come from the tradition of German Lutheranism. The congregation was founded in 1925, and services were conducted in German for years. As individuals, we're lifelong Missouri Synod Lutherans, converts from other Lutheran bodies, and converts from non-Lutheran denominations. Some of us were brought up at St. Paul's, and some of us moved here later in life. But one origin we share is our sinful birth, from which we were all redeemed by our crucified and risen Savior, Jesus Christ. 
Where are we headed?
Well, obviously only God knows the answer to that one, but we certainly hope we are headed deeper into relationship with our triune God and deeper into love for our fellow human beings. 
What does this mean for you?
In a small congregation like ours, you can get to know your brothers and sisters in Christ, be the family of God together as you feed on His word and sacraments and serve your neighbor. 
Contact Us!
Phone: 507-326-3451

Email: lutheranchurchesofgi@gmail.com

Street Address: 240 Cleveland Ave. 
Postal Address: PO Box 25

Green Isle MN 55338 United States 
Adult Bible Study - Sunday 8 AM 
Divine Service - Sunday 9 AM 

Pastor in office most weekday mornings
      (but you might want to call first).
(Tuesday mornings at Zion Lutheran Church.)